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2004 Chevy Corvette Convertible

2004 Chevy Corvette Convertible 


Amir is a great young entrepreneur. He was professional and completely straight forward about the car I purchased. Buying from Zen Auto is a completely different experience from the typical car lot. I would recommend them any day!




This is to verify that the service I reeived from ZEN and Amir was IMPECCABLE! I cannot recommend highly enough. The price for a BMW Convertible was perfect, and so was everything else that the company managed. Thank you ZEN, very much! Jane MacLean

2005 Lexus SC430 Red

2005 Lexus SC430 Roadster Red Only 28K Miles

I’m Robin F. and I bought the cherry red Lexus hard top convertible from you back in spring of 2013.  I still love that car as much as I did the day I got if from you.  Best car I’ve ever owned and not a bit of trouble with it.  I keep the Zen license plate holder on the front, because it sure does fit, both my transaction with you and this beautiful car

Porsche 911 Carerra S (Casper)

Mr. Zen (Amir), Thanks for making my consignment experience a pleasant one. It took you 1 week to sell my beautiful C2S. As much as I am gonna miss it, I am glad another person will enjoy that sexy 911. I look forward to our future Car buying/selling arrangements. Thanks for being You..... 5.0

2006 Porsche 911

2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S 997

Zen is actually Amir's real name! Why? Because he is excellent at his work/craft/customer service......Amir recently sold my 911 Carerra S on consignment in less than a week. I was like Wow.....Maybe the reviews are all correct. I found out first hand......Glad I did so.

Although I have only known Amir for selling my Porsche, I have a good sense and judge of character conducting business with Amir. I highly recommend Zen Auto for excellent choices of high end cars and honest opinions. Give him a shot, I guarantee you will be happy with his service!

Yelp Review:
Itsjsme T.

2011 Audi R8 V10

2011 Audi R8 V10 Spyder

The owner of this place is a very stand up guy. Bought my Audi r8 from him and he has been nothing but helpful. From a guy that grew up in the car business it was a refreshing experience to work directly with him. I would refer any of my friends and family to Zen in Sacramento.

Dan Klein
Google Review

2007 Lexus SC430

2007 Lexus SC430 Convertible

Good morning Amir.

We are really enjoying the Lady Lexus. This afternoon we are going for a drive and a roadside picnic with the top down. Thanks again for a very enjoyable car experience purchasing your car. You are a gentleman and trustworthy. Have a great day. We will stay in touch.

Ron. K

2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport

2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport Only 22K Miles

Thank You, We are doing great and loving our Jeep.


Carol B.

Kurt Mckibben

Thank you Amir for going the extra mile for me!! The car is outstanding, but your positive customer service is in a class of its own!! Your outstanding personal caliber made our deal a pleasure at any price!! Please tell Chris thank you for his efforts also. It's like,,, where are you going to go buy a car after ZEN?? Nobody is going to beat the car buying experience you provided Amir!!! Hands down!!! Thanks again,, I really want to give you a handshake!!))


2007 Mercedes SL550

2007 Mercedes Benz SL550 AMG Pkg

I have been in the car business for over 15 years and this was one of the most pleasant experiences I've ever had buying a vehicle for myself. Amir went above and beyond to make this a smooth transaction and even met me at the dealership 2 hours before they opened to accommodate my schedule. I would recommend zen auto to anybody anywhere that wants a smooth painless pleasant transaction! 5 stars!!


2012 Audi TT-RS

2012 Audi TT RS


The car was delivered yesterday. We love it!

I want to say that you were a pleasure to deal with, very professional and responsive.

Best car buying experience I've ever had.

Thanks again,

2011 Porsche Cayenne S

2011 Porsche Cayenne S

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have purchased cars from Lexus, Jaguar, Jeep and Saturn and never in all my years have I had such a wonderful car buying experience.

Amir is the most honest car guy out there. He is open, upfront and such a pleasure to deal with. He went to bat on my car loan with his finance guy at Golden One. He gave me the best deal on the car I was looking for.

True professional. Chris was so easy to work with.

Amir and Chris let me test drive car by myself, held the car for me, honored the price I saw on line for the car. I will buy next car from him and only him.

If you are looking for a special car and want a great deal and want to work with someone in the car business with integrity.

You gotta go to Zen and work with Amir.

Thanks so much for making my car purchase a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yelp Review:
Stephanie R

2008 Saturn Sky Roadster

2008 Saturn Sky Roadster Only 13K Miles

Hi Amir,

Very excited at this point! Thank you so much for everything! You have really gone the extra mile for me with all you have done. Working with you has been a breath of fresh air in today's world!!

Next time I'm in Ca. I will stop in and give you a hand shake, and maybe see another vehicle I want to buy!!

Again thanks!!!

Sincerely yours,



Hello Amir!!,


I hope your well. Good news, the Sky car arrived on time and in good condition over the weekend!!

Now that all the logistics are complete, I wanted to thank you again for a good deal, and a wonderful experience. It doesn't get any better than your style and grace!!

The car looks great and runs great!!! I'm having fun going through the books and learning how it all works.

Everything is great on this end because of your great work!!!! Thanks again Amir!!!


Kurt M.

No pressure, supportive experience

After reading the testimonials on this website, I felt that I was in good hands and decided to purchase the car before driving from San Rafael to Sac to see it. Everything they say is true... this is a car dealer that has earned the trust of its community.

2001 Jeep Wrangler 60th Anniv

2001 Jeep Wrangler 60th Anniversary Ed-Custom-Only 4,067 Were Produced

Awesome Jeep. Great buying experience. Really good to meet you.


2004 Toyota Camry LE

2004 Toyota Camry LE

Congrats to us both!

You are doing a brilliant marketing campaign and coming through with great service. The Camry fits like a Glove and it drives like a moment of zen.

Thank you for the time and space to make such a good decision on this purchase.

Robin S.

2010 Mercedes C63 AMG

2010 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Premium Pkg-451HP-46K Miles

We are more than enjoying the C63. We're still in disbelief! Thanks to you! Thank you Thank you Amir!


2006 Chevy Corvette Conv. Candy Apple

2006 Chevy Corvette Convertible-Custom Candy Apple Green-25K Miles

Hello Amir,

Thanks again for your warm and professional service on my trip to northern California. I am enjoying the candy-apple green 2006 Corvette you sold me very much.


Best regards,
Chuck Aplin

2008 Ford F250 White

2008 Custom Ford F250 Diesel Lifted Lariat 4x4

Great group here.  Came in on a Sunday and met up with owner Amir and salesman Chris.  Both were extremely easy going.  Followed up with another visit and purchased a lifted Ford F250 Super Duty.  Love the truck and appreciate the great treatment I was given.  Amir, Chris, and even Amir's dad, made the transaction easy and pleasant.  I must say Amir is very patient considering we had to send the Purchase Order to my bank which was having issues on their end with their computer or something.  Transaction took longer than expected but Amir just said, don't worry about it Anthony, we will take care of it...  A+++++++++++

Yelp Review:
Anthony R.

2007 Toyota Highlander

2007 Toyota Highlander AWD 


Thank you for helping me get the the car I was seeking.
It truly was a pleasure doing business with you and your staff.
Keep doing what you are doing. It is your integrity that makes the difference. Obviously I am not the only one who feels that way.

I hope I have the opportunity to do business with you again for my next vehicle purchase.
I wish you the best.



The BEST car buying experience I have ever had. The owner (Amir ) sets a new standard for integrity. Straight forward, honest dealing. No games required. If everyone conducted themselves this way, the world would be a better place. Seriously. Thank you Amir for maintaining your integrity.

2003 Chevy Corvette

2003 Chevy Corvette Anniversary Edition


Ron D.

1990 Chrysler Imperial

1990 Chrysler Imperial

Thanks for my 1990 Imperial. Thanks for picking me up at the train station and making the purchase so enjoyable. Very, very pleased with the car


2007 Chevy Corvette C6

2007 Chevy Corvette C6 Monterey Red Metallic 3LT Pkg Only 26K Miles

It was a great experience to deal with knowledgeable people. I am very happy with my purchase.


2005 Chevy Corvette C6

2005 Chevy Corvette C6 Custom-Daytona Sunset Orange 39K Miles

Zen Auto...Thank you for the sportiest car I have ever seen!!!!! My husband took a trip Sacramento to take a look at some work trucks for his business and happen to meet Amir with Zen Auto.  My husband has always wanted a Corvette and noticed an atomic orange vet that Amir had at his business.  What can I say to the sound of a 2005 c6 Corvette in my driveway instead of a truck?  Hells ya!  This is the best vehicle we have ever owned.  My husband has one hell of a car and I have one hell of a grocery getter.
Amir and his staff were very professional and  would highly recommend purchasing the car of your dreams with Zen Auto.  I am 100% sure my husband and I will be back shortly to visit Amir and get a Denali, Tahoe, or Jeep.  He always has a great selection of vehicles.  

Yelp Review
Janie B.

2008 Porsche Cayman S

2008 Porsche Cayman S-Only 23K Miles

Sometimes things in fall in place. The Cayman is fantastic. I find myself standing in the garage just looking at it!! Great car. Thank you again. (Purchased Porsche sight unseen).


2011 GMC Diesel 3500 Denali

2011 GMC Denali 3500HD Diesel 4x4

Purchasing my husband's truck was so pleasant and expeditious! After searching for a truck that fit my husbands specifications (which seemed impossible to find) for over a year, we finally found "the one". We purchased a 2011 GMC Sierra Denali Diesel 4X4 truck. It's beautiful!

We immediately called and spoke with Amir. Right off the bat I was impressed with his calm, considerate demeanor.  Not the fast talking, over aggressive type I've experienced on several occasions. I had already spent a lot of wasted time on the phone over the last year with salesmen and private buyers who were not willing to negotiate over the phone. We were traveling from the coast just south of San Francisco and did not want to drive over two hours each way to look at a truck we didn't know if we could afford. Amir was completely respectful of our situation and asked us where we wanted to be price wise and I told him. He said he would call me back in twenty minutes with an offer, and sure enough, he called back and dropped the price making the purchase possible for us. No further negotiation was necessary. His exceptionally detailed ad oozed with photos and he really didn't miss a single detail about this truck in his description. We felt like we had already seen it in person from all of the different photos and ultra precise description.  We had a loan in place with our credit union and we decided to tell Amir that we wanted the truck. He promised to hold it for us (never asking for a deposit).  Shortly after we spoke, Amir received several calls inquiring about our truck. One person offered full purchase price, but Amir honored our deal.

We spoke on a Sunday and made arrangements to head out to Sacramento the next day (Monday). Because of my husbands work schedule, we couldn't get out there during their normal business hours, but that wasn't a problem for Amir. We gave Amir our loan info to set in place for all of the paperwork to be ready when we arrived. Even though we had gone as far as to say we wanted the truck and provided our loan info, Amir still insisted that we were under no pressure to purchase the truck. If we didn't like it for any reason, we were not expected to buy it anyway.  When we arrived it was dark. Amir had the foresight to park the truck in their lighted garage. The truck looked amazing! Every little thing about it was disclosed in our conversations and we were not surprised nor disappointed at all.  We test drove it and knew we weren't going home without it. Upon our return, we finalized the deal and signed the papers, which took about 15-20 minutes-- at most.  Amir is so easy to work with! Communication was excellent. He's honest, knowledgeable, courteous, and kind. When we or our friends are in need of a car or truck, we will definitely check back and recommend Zen Auto! Thank you for helping my husband get his dream truck!

Yelp Review:
Kate C

2001 BMW Z3 3.0 Coupe

2001 BMW Z3 3.0 Coupe

Thank you Amir. I LOVE the car.


Satisfied Customer

2008 BMW M6 Convertible in Rare Sepang Bronze Metallic Only 18K Miles

When I was looking for a 6 series BMW convertible I ran into Zenauto.biz. Skeptical of dealers and wanting to save on sales tax I at first avoided the car. After driving an M6 that someone else had for sale I was not sure it was the car for me any more. I called Zen Auto just to inquire about theirs as I was still intrigued about the M6 and Amir changed my mind. He walked me through why I was disappointed and assured me that he could walk me through the car and all it had to offer. I talked price with him because I didn't want to travel in just to look and needed to know the bottom line. He gave me his bottom line and I went to see the car. Sure enough he was able to walk me through all the systems and how they operated which gave me the confidence to control the car. Two years later I am a happy customer who regularly looks at his sight for my next car. The price was better than any other I could find and the car was superior in quality. Yes, I paid a little more because of tax, not Zen's fault, but I would do it again because of the value I received in dealing with someone who is knowledgeable. Keep up the good work, I will be back when I find one I want.

Satisfied Customer

2010 Dodge Ram 3500

2010 Dodge Ram 3500 Crew Cab Laramie Diesel 4x4

I don't think tuff even describes this truck. I think big nasty is the phrase and Oh ya it's bad to the bone.

I will send u guys a video of it at the drag strip when I put my mods in the motor. It will be around 650 horse.


2011 Jaguar XF Premium

2011 Jaguar XF Premium

It's reviews like these where just rating them five stars doesn't do it enough justice, I wish there was an ELITE star for businesses like this.  

Car buying, no matter how exciting it is, is stressful!  I think every family has "the used car salesmen" joke and depiction in their minds.  While searching for your next vehicle you are very guarded and trying to protect yourself and your future investment.  My husband and I were set on purchasing a luxury vehicle; we searched the web endlessly and talked to many different car companies and salesmen.  

From the very first phone call we had with Zen Auto and speaking with Amir over the phone you can tell instantly that you are dealing with a whole different realm in the car buying experience, every pre conceived notion or prejudice you have about buying a car through the "used car salesmen" vanishes, and it is (pun intended) a very Zen like experience!  

We were in the process of obtaining our own financing and had phoned Amir to inform him that although we didn't expect him to "hold" the car for us, it was our intent to purchase his vehicle.  His response:  "I am an old fashioned businessman and believe in my word, I have no problem holding the car for you."  WHAT?! Who says that?? Seriously!  Isn't that the biggest ploy of the used car salesmen to create haste and make you come in there under the guise it could sell at any moment?  

We arrived a couple of days later to test drive the car and process our final paperwork. The entire process went seamlessly and relaxed.  The cars on his lot are amazing and you can tell that you are dealing with not only a different caliber of vehicle, but also people.  You feel elite, special and luxurious.  You feel like you are getting a quality and reliable vehicle and he makes the process feel like you are working with an old friend.  

We needed to communicate some information back to the car company themselves, and Amir went above and beyond to handle the arrangements for us.  Above and beyond!  He is a true gentlemen, honest, caring, compassionate and reliable.  I wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone to his dealership.  When you make the decision to purchase a luxury vehicle, why not make the process luxurious also?  He treats YOU special before and after the sale, you will remain his customer and friend.

Yelp Review:

Kim K.
Colfax, CA

Yelp Review

I haven't been to this dealership or bought or sold a car through them. I called today to ask about putting my mom's 1986 Mercedes for sale via consignment. The person (Amir) I spoke to was extremely knowledgeable and gave me great information about the value of the car, how long it will take to sell, etc. He even suggested some ways to sell it myself, before bringing it to him. I will definitely use this company if I chose to use a consignment dealer.

Yelp Review:

H P.
Auburn, CA

2001 Cadillac DTS

2001 Cadillac DTS Seville White Diamond Only 54K Miles

This is a 5 star dealer! Amir goes above and beyond to make his customers happy. He was willing to negotiate a considerable amount of the price in order to make the final price affordable and within our budget. I love the car! It was exactly as advertised. I would recommend Amir's show stopping cars to anyone. Very high quality cars. I can't thank you enough! Extremely satisfied customer.


2005 Nissan 350Z

2005 Nissan 350Z Grand Touring Roadster Convertible with Track and Nismo Pkg

Amir is awesome! Great deal on a nice used sports car!!


Thank You

Hi Amir:

Just wanted to say thanks for all your advice and counsel in helping me find a new car.  I purchased this one and love it!  I will certainly keep you in mind should I know if anyone who is interested in a specialty car such as the ones you specialize in.  Thanks again.


2011 Land Rover Range Rover HSE SC

2011 Land Rover Range Rover HSE Supercharged Luxury Pkg 106K+ MSRP 21K Miles

Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I wish you the best successes.


2012 Honda Civic Red

2012 Honda Civic Coupe EX

The service was outstanding. My only regret is that Zen Auto is not here in Redding,Ca. Amir was up front about every facet of the transaction. Actually, he is the only car salesman I will go back to--despite the round trip from Redding.

Rebecca 02/26/14

2011 Mini Cooper S

2011 Mini Cooper S-Spice Orange Metallic

I have never had such a fabulous car buying experience as I did with Amir at Zen Auto.  There was zero pressure, which was a pleasant surprise.  I test drove the car midday, told him where I wanted to be price-wise, and we came to an instant agreement.  I said I wanted to think about it overnight, he said "no problem."  I called back about 5pm that evening (no longer needing to think about it) and told Amir I'd be there the next day to pick it up.  When I arrived the following day, the car had been washed & detailed, and as it was a cash deal, he had me out of there in under half an hour.  After almost 18 months of searching for "the one", off I drove in my dream car. Thank you Amir!

It's quite apparent that Amir has a passion for cars.  Everything on his lot appears to be quality, newer vehicles in excellent condition.  His prices are more than fair, and his demeanor is great.  He even followed up with a letter (yes a letter!) of thanks for my business.  Who does that anymore?!  I found the whole experience to be wonderful, and would definitely buy from Zen Auto again.  If you're someone who hates the stress of buying a car, try Zen Auto.

Yelp Review:
Bonnie H
Galt, CA

2012 BMW R1200 GS Adventure Series

2012 BMW R1200 GS Adventure Series-Triple Black-Enduro Motorcycle

Got Home Bike Was Smooth as Silk. Thank You So Much.


2003 Ford Thunderbird

2003 Ford Thunderbird Premium with Hardtop

Hi Amir,

Just a note from Davenport, Iowa, 1800 miles distant.  We did business like being in the same town.  The 03 T-Bird arrived via car carrier and was in great shape.  Your honesty in presenting this auto was accurate and precise.  Would I buy from you again--YES SIR.  Waiting for spring to go cruisin.

Lee Reedy
Davenport, Iowa

2002 Ford Thunderbird

2002 Ford Thunderbird Premium

Thank you, Amir!  This Thunderbird is truly my wife's dream come true!  I'm mainly a MOPAR guy, but I think I enjoy the car as much as she does!  I'll be in the market for something else fun this summer, so I plan to be a repeat customer at  Zen Auto.  Have a great weekend! 


2007 Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby Super Snake

**2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Cobra Super Snake 725HP Pkg Kenne Bell**

Very Honest, Car was in perfect condition as stated, bent over backwards to help

Ebay Buyer:
Mr. Johnny W.

1997 Chevy Corvette C5

**1997 Chevy Corvette C5 Auto-F45 Selective Ride Suspension**

My husband and I were looking for a used Corvette and saw one online at Zen Auto. We called to inquire about it, and Amir (the owner) said to come drive it and see if we liked it. When we arrived, he knew just who we were and asked his assistant to show us the car and answer any questions we might have. Amir was finishing up with another client and handed the keys over to us to take a test drive. We loved the car after driving it, and returned to the sales lot 40 minutes later. We had been advised to get a mechanic to check the car over and test the engine compression. We asked Amir if he could do the engine test, and he said he could, but would prefer that we have our own mechanic do it. Since we live an hour away from the sales lot, and it was a Friday afternoon, Amir suggested we take the car home for the weekend and get it checked out on Monday. He made a copy of our driver's licenses and gave us the car. He told us if our mechanic found anything that he hadn't found himself, he wanted to know about it. As we were leaving, he said, "If for any reason at all, you decide you don't want this car after driving it for the weekend, there is absolutely no obligation to buy the car. I want to know most importantly that you are very satisfied with the car. Our mechanic said the car was is great shape and we drove it back to Zen Auto Sales on Monday and bought if for a very fair price. We asked if Amir wanted us to get a cashier's check, and he said a personal check would be fine. Amir is honest, personable, and has fair prices. The thing he is most concerned about is that the customer really likes the car. We plan to go back the next time we need a car and would recommend Zen Auto and Amir to anyone.

Yelp Review:
Michael Ann S.
Shingle Springs, CA

2009 Toyota Highlander Limited Hybrid 4x4 All Options

Mr Daneshvar,

I have received the plates and the owners certificate. We have really enjoyed the vehicle. Each time I get in it I cannot believe it is 5 yrs old. I am still trying to learn all the bells and whistles.  Thank you again


Dr. S Christenson

2011 Honda Civic GX CNG

2011 Honda Civic GX CNG (Natural Gas Vehicle)

Hi Amir,

Just to let you know the (Honda CNG) car is working out well, Fred loves going by people in the commuter lane on his way to the docks! 

We really enjoyed our car buying experience with you and when we are in the market for a car again you will be first on our list.

Thank you,

Fred and Deb Gilliam

2007 Dodge Charger SE

2007 Custom Dodge Carger-22 Inch Wheels-1 Owner-Tastefully Customized

Everything went well, car was as advertised. Thanks!


2009 Lexus LS460 L

2009 Lexus LS460 L Long Wheel Base 1 Owner Luxury Pkg-Hard Loaded

Seller was fast, efficient, courteous. Service was excellent - would deal again.

Ebay Buyer:


2011 BMW Z4 3.5is

2011 BMW Z4 Roadster 3.5is M-Pkg Twin Turbo Charged

Hey Amir,


Thank you very much for the note. It was a real pleasure meeting you as well! You were great to work with and your efforts running your shop so much on the up and up is much appreciated and respected. Hats off to you!

Thanks again!




2007 Porsche C4S

2007 Porsche 911 997 C4S Wide Body AWD

Hi Amir:

Just wanted to let ya know the car arrived safe and sound and in one piece, so thanks!
Again, thanks for making it all happen for me -- have only driven the car twice since it arrived yesterday , but man, what a blast!

Thanks again for your support!

Hi Amir:

Here's a pic of the 2007 Carrera 4S in front of our new foundation.  Despite the circumstances (Black Forest Fire) under which we bought the car, working with you has been a true pleasure and is much appreciated.  Thanks for making the pre-purchase inspection happen for me as well.  The car is exactly as you advertised it and is a joy to drive. 

Amir -- Thanks again and all the best for the future!! 


Jerry "One-y" Oney

2011 BMW 335I Hardtop Conv

2011 BMW 335I Hardtop Convertible Platinum Bronze Metallic-Loaded

The BMW is running fine and we are enjoying it.  You made the process pleasant and Zen like :)


2006 Chevy Corvette Z06

2006 Chevy Corvette Z06 Premium Velocity Yellow 505HP LS7 7.0L 427 All Stock


These are awesome pictures. I saved them on my computer.

I am still loving the Z06. Getting used to the manual transmission did not take long at all!

Thanks again!


2011 BMW M3 Convertible

2011 BMW M3 Hardtop Convertible E93

From start to finish, my vehicle purchase experience with Amir, Owner of Zen Auto, was unlike any other I’ve had.  Amir’s disposition and attitude are completely customer-centric.  From the moment he answered the phone to discuss the M3 I called to inquire about, he was informative, transparent, and very patient.  I am most likely one of the more difficult customers in many ways, especially when it comes to automotive purchases.  Having grown up in a family that collects classic muscle cars (1971 Hemi Challenger; 1969 Ford Boss Mustang - Hemi; 1966 Shelby Cobra; 1970 LT-1 Corvette; 1968 L78 Chevelle; etc.), I’m very particular with vehicle purchases.  This statement is irrespective of the vehicle type - whether a 250,000 mile Bonneville or a 30,000 mile BMW M3.

In the past I have not worked with a knowledgeable, personable, and no-pressure car sales person.  These traits go a long distance with me, and Amir embodied each of them.  Not only did he arrange for my pick up at the Sacramento airport (I flew in specifically for this car), but he did it with the M3.  Then he allowed me to take the vehicle for a full mechanical and body pre-purchase inspection, test drive the car, provided all the paperwork I requested, and even showed me a few good lunch spots in town.

Post-purchase, Amir checked in with me to ensure I arrived home safely, that everything on the car is functioning to spec, and to confirm I’m happy with the car.  Again, amazing!  Service I have never received before.  Even today, if I have questions about certain operational features of the car and cannot take the time to Google or research the information, I just call Amir.

I highly recommend considering Amir as your premier used car source when you’re in the market for such a vehicle.  You will not be disappointed.

Thank you again, Amir!


2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo-Hard Loaded-MSRP New Over $125K

Thank you for everything, the Porsche Turbo is great.


2009 BMW X5 4.8I

2009 BMW X5 4.8I Sport-Premium-Technology Pkg-Rear Entertainment-Hard Loaded

I recently purchased a 2009 BMW X5 from Amir at Zen Auto. He was extremely helpful throughout the entire process as well as trust worthy and not pushy at all, not your typical dealership. I am very picky and had been looking for this vehicle for over a year now. The inventory he deals with is top notch. I was very happy to do business with him and highly recommend Zen Auto due to my experience.

Brad (Chico, CA)

2008 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

2008 Mercedes Benz E63 6.3L AMG P2 Pkg


I wanted to take a quick moment to Thank you and your Team at ZEN for your time and patience while I was contemplating the purchase of my new E63. 

I am still AMAZED by the process and not to mention your effortless attention to detail and making sure everything was perfect and there for me when I finally was able to make it up and pick up the car, on my 2 hour ride home last night I kept think back to a portion of this transaction that I was not happy with and I cannot find anything at all to complain about. Starting our first conversation, to our negotiation's (which there was more of a conversation and the most important portion to me) and last of all how easy you made it for me and my family to get up to you. 

I honestly didn't think that there were private dealers that existed that would offer me the kind of experience that you and your team have shown and now and in the future you will be my first call and all the other "car guy's" have been deleted from my phone and I have no doubt that you can service any kind of client that comes your way. 

Until next time, 


2000 Ferrari 360

2000 Custom Ferrari 360 Modena F1

Thanks bud, I really appreciate the way you handle the business

Jim C.

2004 Chevy Corvette Z06

2004 Chevy Corvette Z06 405HP

It was a pleasure doing business with you, the car is amazing, truly a dream come true.


2009 Range Rover Sport

2009 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged

The best seller on eBay, highly recommended with A++++ ratings the best anytime

Ebay Buyer:

2003 Hummer H2

2003 Custom Hummer H2 Matte Gray On 24's


I appreciate your time.. patience..knowledge..fairness..prompt response to needs and courtesy. Truly a pleasant and delightful experience to do business with you. Don't really know how you find the time to be as personal and attentive to each and every customer you encounter but however you do it keep up the excellent work..You got the auto selling business on lock..Take care my friend and I'll recommend you to anybody that i might even think that needs a vehicle..


2007 Aston Martin Vantage

2007 Aston Martin Vantage 6-Speed


It's been a pleasure doing business with you!



2001 Porsche 911 996 Convertible Lapis Blue

2001 Porsche 911 996 Convertible Lapis Blue

Dear Amir:

You were pleasant to work with, and my wife likes the Porsche very much.

Stay Well,

Yelp Review 2


AMIR (the owner) is extremely knowledgeable and a TRUE PROFESSIONAL. Although I have yet to purchase a car through his dealership, it is my intent if the right opportunity arises.

His quality of service and response to my inquiries is by far the best of anyone have have ever dealt with in this business (and believe me when I say it is great because I know I can be difficult and persistent at times).

Great cars. Great service.

Yelp Review:

Bruce L.

2007 Mercedes E350 Black

2007 Mercedes Benz E350

Outstanding Experience at Zen Auto

We purchased a beautiful 2007 Mercedes E350 from Zen Auto. From the very first text message, Amir made customer service and our satisfaction a top priority. Since purchasing the car, he has continued to make our satisfaction his top priority. We will always go back to Zen Auto before looking anywhere else. And we have already referred some friends. Zen Auto is top notch! Don't go anywhere else.


2002 Boxster S

2002 Porsche Boxster S-Carrera White-Only 5K Miles

Working with Amir was the best car buying experience ever.



2012 Jaguar XKR-S

2012 Jaguar XKR-S XK R-S Supercharged 550+HP Polaris White MSRP $132K

Highly recommend Zen Auto! Jag is perfect..thanks Amir for everything !!!! A++++

Ebay Buyer:


2005 Cadillac XLR

2005 Cadillac XLR Convertible BVLGARI 67K Nav XM Xenon MSRP $76K


Ebay Buyer:


2008 Mercedes E550

2008 Mercedes Benz E 550 Black Sport 66K Nav


Ebay Buyer:


2003 BMW M3 Convertible

2003 BMW M3 Convertible SMG Only 31K Miles Highly Optioned

Great car - super happy Canadian customer!

Ebay Buyer:


2009 Jaguar XK Convertible

2009 Jaguar XK Convertible Rare Pearlescent Diamond Edition 1 Owner MSRP $93K

Bought 09 Jag XK Conv-Gorgeous! Had minor service issue. Handled with integrity!

Ebay Buyer:


Easiest purchase ever!

Easiest purchase ever!

After my husband totaled my 2004 M3 convertible in a near fatal accident in June of 2010. I decided I wanted the newer hard top convertible. After looking for several months I had seen Amir had a white 08 M3. It was the color I wanted however it had red leather interior which didn't appeal to me. My sons urged me to go see it in person, so I did. I loved it and it was sitting in my driveway 3 days later. It has been a great reliable daily driver! Now I'm going to have him keep an eye out for a M5, although I love my lil M3 it is hard for my husband to get in and out of, and due to our 27 year old daughters death we now have her 3 year old daughter 100% of the time and a 2 door really doesn't cut it.  BMW for life!

Kathy B.

1996 Chevrolet Corvette

1996 Chevrolet Corvette Dual Tops LT1 Arctic White C4


Just wanted to tell you this car has been amazing!!!

Thank you and god bless you

El Paso, Texas

Car Guru

Testimonials From Cargurus.com:

There was no pressure to buy an automobile here. The owner was very forthcoming and knowledgeable. We did buy a vehicle here and are very happy with it. Owner happy to answer all phone call and email questions and follow up. A great experience! By: Dennis

Great Dealer, No Pressure, No Games-Let me take my time and delivered on everything they promised. Will recommend to friends and family. Also, prices are very competitive and lower than many. By: John

Great Selection, No Hassle Buying, Was Straight Forward on the Car, Free Carfax and the Pricing was beyond fair. Made the entire buying process easy, no pressure, made me feel I was in the Driver Seat. Thank you Amir at Zen Auto. By: Tony

Excellent dealer, honest and forthright. By Forcina

2005 Chevy Corvette F55 Daytona Sunset Orange 29K

2005 Chevy Corvette F55 29K Miles-Rare Daytona Sunset Orange

Amir,  my wife (Linda) and I are enjoying the 2005 Corvette.

We were very impressed with the detailing and display of the vehicles you had on your lot. 

Once again thank you for making it so easy for my wife and I to take are time and think about what we should do. If all car sells people were like you they would have to stop making up jokes about them.

Dennis M

2009 Audi R8 5K Miles

2009 Audi R8 Only 5K Miles-Full Carbon Fiber-Stasis Exhaust & Tune-Collector Owned-Showroom Condition

Very professional and honest. Easy to do business with and very helpful

I decided to buy an expensive exotic Audi R8 sight unseen with a little hesitation. After seeing the car on eBay and on Amir's website I felt more comfortable as he had at least 20-25 very clear and very detailed pictures that were professionally taken.  Amir was very professional, very knowledgeable, very helpful, and very honest. Could not have been  any more satisfied with the experience and the sale!  I would highly recommend Zen Auto Sales to anyone considering an expensive car.  I live in Louisiana and  Amir had the car shipped to me. He handled it all with utmost care and attention. THANKS AMIR!!!!!

Ebay Buyer:

2006 Ford Mustang Custom GT Premium - 390+ HP / 33

2006 Custom Ford Mustang GT Premium 390+HP

From the minute you walk onto the lot, you are welcomed by beautiful vehicles - not by 3 hungry car salesmen. Your heart begins to beat a little faster as you get deeper into the inventory. One car after the other are beautiful machines that have style, and would look great in your driveway. Chosing only one is the most difficult part of the entire experience. I liked that I was greeted without pressure. Amir (owner) is very courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. Amir is also down to earth, and looks for the same attributes in his staff. Amir even has his own service and modification shop equipped with knowledgable mechanics who know a thing or two about the latest performance modifications. I couldnt be happier with my '06 Mustang GT - it turns heads and at 390+ HP, is an absolute thrill to drive. One of the best car purchases I have ever made. I will be recommending this lot to my friends, as well as returning for future purchases. Thank you, Amir & staff at Zen Auto.


2011 BMW 740LI

2011 BMW 740LI Long Wheel Base Loaded MSRP $84K-28K Miles

Thank you for the wonderful service.
..We will definitely check out your cars first.
Thanks again,
Ebay Buyer

2009 Scion XB

2009 Scion XB

Simply cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience I had today with Amir at Zen Auto! He is not only knowledgeable and friendly but he is extremely honest and fair. Easy to talk to, great advice, helpful...hands down the best car buying experience EVER! We talked over the phone before I drove up from the Bay, he answered all my questions, accepted my trade-in (for a great price!), had me pre-qualified (through a credit union down the road) and a loan ready to go for me when I arrived! It was a really smooth transaction and I never once felt pressured or "cheated" as you do with most dealerships! Not to mention the inventory! And the prices!!!! I will not hesitate to drive up and purchase another car from Amir when the time comes, he has a Client for life! Thanks for everything Amir!!!!!

Araceli E.

Yelp Review

2007 Mercedes E63 AMG

2007 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

Just have to say what an awesome, relaxing and satisfying experience I had purchasing my DREAM vehicle from Zen Auto and Amir. Firstly, Amir is a very nice, relaxed and professional sales man. His knowledge and enthusiasm for high end high performance vehicles is contagious. I went there a bit leery in regards to the reputation that small lot dealerships have. My concerns were instantly erased when I met Amir and saw the vehicles on his lot. Beautiful cars at, what I researched, were fair to amazing prices. Amir acted more like a friend wanting to show me his car collection than a salesmen trying to make a buck. Absolutely no pressure at all. Seeing all the beautiful, exotic and rare cars on his lot I had questions about them all and wanted to sit inside a few of them. Not only was he happy to show them to me, (even though they were out of my price range) he actually got the keys and let me sit inside and start them up. I never once felt as if I was wasting his time. Lol if I was, he never showed it. I eventually purchased my dream car, (Mercedes AMG E63)
and I am thrilled with my car. If you are looking to purchase the vehicle of your dreams, look no further, Zen Auto is it! Thank you Amir, you rock and so does my now 540 hp Mercedes, (mods)!

Michael W.
Yelp Review

2010 BMW M5 Dinan S2

2010 BMW M5 Dinan S2 542+HP Rare Black Sapphire MSRP $98K+ 1 Owner 32K

Great seller. Super communication. Goes the extra mile. Would buy from again! A+

Ebay Buyer:

2009 Jaguar XKR Supercharged 17K Miles

2009 Jaguar XKR Black Supercharged 17K Miles 100K Warranty MSRP $92K Showroom Condition

Amir is the ultimate professional, he will insure a clean and smooth transaction.
I highly recommend Zen Auto and Amir to anyone looking for a quality luxury vehicle and a hassle-free transaction. Amir is a dedicated and honest professional who will quickly answer all questions before and after the purchase. Amir will go the extra mile to assure complete customer satisfaction. I am very happy with my vehicle and my experience with Zen Auto.

Ebay Buyer:
Michael S.

2004 Ford Mustang Cobra

2004 Ford Mustang Cobra SVT Terminator Supercharged Only 11K Miles

After 8 high performance car purchases, Amir is the best dealer I've worked with

Ebay Buyer:


1991 Cadillac Allante Roadster

1991 Cadillac Allante Roadster Pinifarina Only 55K Miles

Great Car! Great to Deal with! Thanks!

Ebay Buyer:

2011 Ford F350 King Ranch

2011 Ford F350 King Ranch

IF you are looking for a completely new auto buying experience, then you have come to the right place. No high pressure, no financial games, just plain old fashion honest dealing. Amir was as pro customer as any deal I have ever entered into. Honesty and Integrity. His follow through to close the deal was impressive. Thanks

Brian F.

2007 Toyota 4-Runner

Good Morning Amir,

I wanted to let you know that I had an offer on a vehicle locally that was initially rejected then accepted late last night. I will be purchasing this vehicle but I had to write you and tell you thank you for your time, your courtesy and your professionalism.

I've never met you but you've been the most honest and courteous sales person I've worked with in a long time.

If I hear of anyone looking for a vehicle my first recommendation will be Amir at Zen.

Thank you again and I wish you continued success.


Bill W.

Yelp Review Freddie

We were shopping for a used car and we found the one we like at Zen auto sales in sacramento,ca. I read the customers reviews for this dealership, that the owner/salesman is HONEST, truthful, knowledgeable,  all these good stuff you can say about your family or a friend but a "car salesman"? No way! So we drove 100 miles (castro valley) to see the car we like and to meet this" awesome "    owner/salesman. We didn't come home with the car due to loan problem but we did meet the owner/salesman. Everything they say about him are true , he is AWESOME, I know because I was a  car salesman. AMIR, I'll be back! I referred you to my family and friends. God Bless!

Yelp Review:

freddie R.

Castro Valley, CA

Yelp Review Ashley

It's true!!! My experience with ZEN has been a true pleasure.. A honest car dealer..just purchased my car last week :) (beautiful Lexus) Amir, the owner made it simple..no hassle, no pressure....a true ZEN experience.... Will be referring my families and friends....

Yelp Review:

Ashley G.

Banning, CA

Yelp Review Sara

I bought my first car this weekend and I had the best service and experience ever!! If you're looking to buy a car, I recommend ZEN AUTO Sales located in East Sacramento! Amir (the owner)  is the most honest car dealer around. He's not pushy like other dealers..he takes his time, answered all my questions and even gave me a full tank of gas. I definitely will return to Zen Auto when I'm ready to buy my next car.

Yelp Review:
Sara M.
Sacramento, CA

Great Staff

2011 Dodge Charger 8K Miles-22 Inch Wheels

I drove by Zen Auto yesterday because there was a White Charger on the lot that caught my eye. I am getting my finance together to come get the Charger, but I have to say that the staff at ZEN- Linda and Amir has great customer service!

2004 Mercedes CLK 500 AMG

2004 Mercedes Benz CLK500 AMG with Asanti Wheels

Dealership was very easy to work with. Excellent communication and follow up.

Ebay Buyer:

2010 Porsche 911 997 GT3 3.6L

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 997 3.6L-Only 3K Miles-Showroom Condition


2010 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Supercharged Brand New

2011 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Supercharged-Brand New-3ZR-Rare Color-Crystal Red Metallic-Only 88 Delivery Miles..


2011 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Supercharged

2011 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Supercharged-Cyber Grey Metallic-1400 Miles-3ZR-638+HP


2010 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Supercharged

2010 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Supercharged 3ZR-1400 Miles-Loaded-Arctic White 638+HP


2010 Customized Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4x4

2010 Customized Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4x4

Amir is a true professional and I would strongly recommend Zen auto!

Ebay Buyer:

2008 Chevy Corvette Z51 Crystal Red

2008 Chevy Corvette Z51 Crystal Red

If you want to buy a car on a hassle free basis and deal directly with the someone with a high degree of personal integrity and business acumen, contact Amir at Zen Auto Sales. I purchased a 2008 Z51 Corvette from Amir last Saturday. He met my price point and it was the most pleasureable car purchase experience to date. As we all know, buying from a car dealership can be a nightmare as you have to deal with layers of sales people and sales managers. It is one stop shop with Amir. He does not BS you and delivers on his word. Kudos to Amir and Zen Auto!!

Brian C
Yelp Review

2004 Lexus SC430 White

2004 Lexus SC430 White-20 Inch Chrome Wheels-Loaded-Low Miles

Could not be happier. Amir was extremely helpful and made the transaction easy.

Ebay Purchase:

2008 Audi R8 Ibis White

2008 Audi R8 Ibis White with Carbon Fiber-R Tronic-Loaded-Low Miles

2008 Audi R8 6-Speed Manual

2008 Audi R8 6-Speed Manual-Loaded-Low Miles

2002 Chevy Corvette Z06 Torch Red

2002 Chevy Corvette Z06 Torch Red


Thanks for everything. It's funny that a complicated big ticket item would be one of my most pleasant EBay experiences. I thank you for that and appreciate your integrity. Great Ebayer! This guy sells cars and has 100% positive..I now see why.

Ebay Buyer:

2001 Chevy Corvette Convertible Triple Blk Z06 Whe

2001 Chevy Corvette Convertible Triple Black Z06 Wheels

Easy Deal Thanks Amir A Plus

Ebay Buyer: mopardonme

2000 BMW Z3 M Roadster

2000 BMW Z3 M Roadster Only 1900 Made 3.2L

Beautiful Car, Seller Very Professional

Ebay Buyer: risingstarranch

2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab

2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Hemi Big Horn Ed

My son and I drove from San Jose to Sac to look at the truck  RAM 1500 he had.  We left SJ @6:30 and got to Sac around 9:15.  He had to meet us because I could not find the dealership ( my bad). He work with us even that late at night The truck was as he said it was.  We made a great deal. My son drove it home  He ended up by having to finance my son due, to the CU not getting it right the first time.  So, in the end,  Amir rocked the house.  Thanks for all of your help   Now, we need to find my wife a new car.  AMIR, any goodies?????

Mr.Jim O.

Yelp Review

2008 BMW 750LI

2008 BMW 750LI Highly Optioned-Sport-Premium-Cold Weather Pkg-20's

Amir at Zen Auto Sales made the process of buying a car an enjoyable one. He is as open and honest as they come. Great communication. Discloses everything. Provides all documentation. Great automobile knowledge and great prices! I would recommend to family and friends. Thanks for such a great experience!

Car Enthusiast from San Jose, CA

2008 BMW M3 Conv

2008 BMW M3 Convertible Alpine White over Imola Red Interior-Customized-6 Speed

Another Zen Auto Satisfied Customer!!!

2008 M3 That's me!

Kathy B.

2001 BMW Z3 3.0


This is the 2001 BMW Z3 you sold me on Feb. 14th 2011. I told you this would be a show car!!!
It is featured in Bimmerfest website, and in the up coming Americas most beautiful roadster competition, and just won Hot O Rama, one of the biggest car shows in Northern California. Thank you  for the amazing car. Amir gave me a great car to work with.

Michael C.

Yelp Angeline

Drove a 2 hour drive up here to check out an awesome car on his lot.  Worked with the owner Amir and from the first email to first conversation on the phone he was extremely awesome and chill, but most importantly knowledgeable on the vehicles on his lot.

Upon arrival the lot is kind of small, but filled with awesome cars.  It's next to a straight away which is good so you can first test drive the car pushing it.  The car on the lot we test drove was awesome.  Probably the best one I have driven since test driving all the cars.  Unfortunately, he was unable to give us a trade-in value that we had budgeted for so couldn't move forward, but wish we could have.

All in all, I just want to say that Amir is super honest which is hard to find in the used car sales business, but I trust him.  He even has offered to take questions on from other vehicles we're looking at at different shops just because he's that nice of a guy and genuinely wants to help you.

Highly recommend this car lot!!

Yelp Review:

Angeline Z.

2003 Chevy Corvette Z06

2003 Chevy Corvette Z06

Thank you again for a great and easy buying experience, car ran great all weekend and am very happy with my purchase! Will keep a eye on your site and refer friends and family your way.


2010 Nissan GT-R Premium Pkg

2010 Nissan GT-R Premium Pkg 11K Miles Loaded

The most professional, best customer service. Highly recommend this dealer!!!

Buyer: ba-ba-booey

2004 Chevy Corvette White 20K Miles

2004 Chevy Corvette White 20K Miles

Excellent car and price. Professional operation. Highly recommend Zen Auto!!


galtcalif (Buyer)

2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

2007 Porsche 911 997 GT3 RS-Only 6K Miles-Collector Car

2007 Porsche 911 997 Turbo

2007 Porsche 911 997 Turbo-Fabspeed Exhaust-6-Speed-12K Miles

The seller was very professional.

Buyer: bilen2448q

2005 Porsche 911 997

2005 Porsche 911 997 Carrera 6-Speed

2004 Porsche 911 996 C4S

2004 Porsche 911 996 C4S AWD-Wide Body-Low Miles

2007 Chevy Corvette Z06

2007 Chevy Corvette Z06-505HP-Both Very Low Miles

2003 Chevy Corvette Z06

2003 Chevy Corvette Z06-Only 9K Miles-1 Owner-All Stock

2000 Dodge Viper ACR

2000 Dodge Viper ACR-Limited Production-Low Miles-Collector Car

2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Mamba

2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Mamba Ed-Only 9K Miles-Limited Edition-HRE Wheels

2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10

2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Triple Black Only 8K Miles

2008 Cadillac XLR-V 5K Miles Alpine Ed Supercharge

2008 Cadillac XLR-V 5K Miles Alpine Ed Supercharged

Excellent seller. Would buy from him again. Thank you.

Ebay Motors

2008 Ford F450 Lariat 4x4

2008 Ford F450 Lariat 4x4 17K Miles


2008 Ford F450
Ebay Buyer

2005 Bentely GT Continental

2005 Bentely GT Continental 27K Miles

Thanks Amir! You made this transaction very easy and safe. Great car!

Bentley : Continental GT,
 EBay Buyer

2000 Chevy Corvette 31K Miles

2000 Chevy Corvette 31K Miles

Amir was very honest and good to deal with. I would buy another car from him.

Ebay buyer

Yelp Review

We were shopping for a used car and we found the one we like at Zen auto sales in sacramento,ca. I read the customers reviews for this dealership, that the owner/salesman is HONEST, truthful, knowledgeable,  all these good stuff you can say about your family or a friend but a "carsalesman"? No way! So we drove 100 miles (castro valley) to see the car we like and to meet this" awesome "    owner/salesman. We didnt come home with the car due to loan problem but we did meet the owner/salesman. Everything they say about him are true , he is AWESOME, I know because I was a  carsalesman. AMIR, I'll be back! I referred you to my family and friends. God Bless!

Freddie R
Castro Valley, CA
Yelp Review

Yelp Review

Dear ZEN,

It's true!!! My experience with ZEN has been a true pleasure.. A honest car dealer..just purchased my car last week :) (beautiful Lexus) Amir, the owner made it simple..no hassle, no pressure....a true ZEN experience.... Will be referring my families and friends....

Ashley G
Banning, CA

2006 Mini Cooper S 29K Miles

2006 Mini Cooper S 29K Miles

From start to finish, it was an absolute pleasure working with Amir and Zen Auto Sales. We had been shopping on-line for a vehicle for quite a few weeks. Over the years, we like many others, have experienced the yucky stuff that sometimes happens at car dealerships. It was because of our initial contact with Amir via email and then phone, that lead us to drive the 3 hours ( one way) to purchase our new vehicle. Upon arrival, we met another customer who was about to purchase his third vehicle from Amir, and who went out of his way to tell us about his positive experiences with Amir.  The vehicle was exactly how it was described...The trade-in went smoothly......All parties smiling at the end of the transaction!  I actually gave him a hug :-) Amir is a man of integrity and his vehicles are top notch. Looking for a positive car buying experience, look no further.  When we are in the market again, Amir will get the first call.

Robin J.
Rio Nido, CA , 10/4/2011

2007 Jeep Wrangler 4x4

2007 Jeep Wrangler 4x4

Woohoo! As good as it gets! Absolutely true!! My 16 year old daughter's Jeep had been stolen and totaled, and she was heartbroken. I searched all over California for a replacement within our bugdet. I found the perfect Jeep at Zen Auto Sales. Having purchased vehicles from used car dealerships and new car dealarships, I dreaded the task. Zen Auto Sales was awesome!! Amir was honest and fair. The entire experience was great. From arrival to signing on the dotted line, Amir changed a very difficult situation into a positive one. Our daughter is the happiest girl in the world!

April B.
Grass Valley, CA, 11/24/2011

Yelp Review

After years of going through cheesy dealerships with gimmicks and slimy salesmen, i finally found a place thats reliable and consistant.  I purchased a car with zen auto two years ago and again seven months ago. The owner Amir daneshavar is awesome, he is to the point, shows you the blue book value, and explains in detail about the car both positive and negative. Its a small dealership with higher end cars and affrordable cars as well. I think the reasons why this shop differs from others is because the seller actually has your best interest, theres no scam or gimmick its to the point to find what you can afford and what works for you. P.s there is no need to haggle most of the cars there are under what the sleazy dealerships are pushing. Trust me i looked for almost a year for the car i wanted, and found it at zen auto in the same ballpark.

Samantha H.
Sacramento, CA

Yelp Review

I have had such bad experience this past weeks  trying to find a wholesome place to buy a car from. I went down fulton ave and I couldn't believe the serviced I received from the sales people on that street and not to mention the quality of cars. I was giving up on buying a car :( until a co-worker of mine referred me to Zen on Elvas Ave, he said he had bought two cars from him and that I would not be disappointed.  I was skeptical, but  Wow! What a great experience I had with Zen Auto Sales! This is definitely  the one place where you can find quality cars, great staff and honest sales people. I just purchased my Range Rover HSE over the weekend "Sunday". The Owner Amir D is exactly like  what  my co-worker said he would be-  he is definitely one of the most honest salesman and owner that I've come into contact with. He is extremely knowledgeable of all his cars and takes great care of all his car. I will go back to Zen when I'm ready to purchase my next car..." Two Thumps Up" for Zen Auto Sales.

Izzie S. H
Sacramento Ca

2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid

2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid

After weeks and months of searching and not knowing who to trust, we settled on a car at Zen Auto Sales and had a thoroughly positive experience.  The owner, Amir, is a young man who is reliable and trustworthy, and we cannot say enough good things about him.  Zen is a small dealership, and Amir was out there himself when we got there, cleaning his cars.  The Toyota Prius we bought was priced very fairly, no haggling needed, and Amir was very honest with us.  We've had the car for one month now and it has proven to be in excellent condition.  It was my first experience with a dealer - I had been trying to avoid them, but in the end it felt like the service he provided was worth paying a little extra.  The registration and title transfer were handled on-site, and I haven't had to go to DMV at all.

Debbie D. Tuscon, AZ
Yelp Review 02/28/2011